The Verge Series -

YA Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

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Fairytale Apocalypse -

Book 1 of The Verge

A Romance of Apocalyptic Proportions

  • "Fairytale Apocalypse is unlike anything that I have read. It is creative, unique, and absolutely magical!" -Rae King, Lovers of Paranormal

  • "Ms. Patrick's writing is, as always, a joy to read. The flow and description take you away from real world monotony, and submerge you in a magical fiction land. I look forward to future books in the Verge series." - Kat Montemayer, Author of The Circle Series

  • "This book is amazing. I can’t think of any book or even a movie that I can compare it with because it’s just so unique and fresh." - The Bookshelf Intruder

  • An easy and enticing read, FAIRYTALE APOCALYPSE resolves most of the story, but leaves enough unanswered to set up future books in the series." IndieReader




Wretched Halo -

Book 2 of The Verge TBA

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