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Fairytale Apocalypse book

The Verge Series -

YA Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

Now in Audio Book!

Fairytale Apocalypse -

Book 1 of The Verge

A Romance of Apocalyptic Proportions

  • "Fairytale Apocalypse is unlike anything that I have read. It is creative, unique, and absolutely magical!" -Rae King, Lovers of Paranormal

  • "Ms. Patrick's writing is, as always, a joy to read. The flow and description take you away from real world monotony, and submerge you in a magical fiction land. I look forward to future books in the Verge series." - Kat Montemayer, Author of The Circle Series

  • "This book is amazing. I can’t think of any book or even a movie that I can compare it with because it’s just so unique and fresh." - The Bookshelf Intruder

  • An easy and enticing read, FAIRYTALE APOCALYPSE resolves most of the story, but leaves enough unanswered to set up future books in the series." IndieReader




Blank cover of Wretched Halo book

Wretched Halo -

Book 2 of The Verge TBA

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