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The Brajj 

Science Fiction/Adventure/Romance

Captain Lewis' Broken Dreams -

Prequel to The Brajj Trilogy

Before he trained for Dr. Cass Baros' mission...
Before he entered the wormhole leading to an alien world...
Before he unraveled the mystery of the Brajj and Master...
Captain Charles Lewis had a girlfriend,
A serious relationship with tequila,
And was married to the Army.


Dreams of the Queen book
Nightmares of the Queen book

Dreams of the Queen - Book 1 of The Brajj

  • Awarded The Seal of Good writing!

  • "Strong Sci-Fi themes & a positively original book, [DofQ] is one of the most unique "other world" books I've read." -Pavarti Tyler, bestselling author of The Two Moons of Sera.

  • "Devotees of the paranormal genre will appreciate Patricks' original work [...]sci fi & magic meld together perfectly. The dash of romance creeps in slowly, but doesn't overwhelm or interfere with the plot that will keep fans itching for more." -InD'Tale Magazine

  • She deftly paints a picture of each main protagonist with all their glory and faults & presents us with a gripping climax." -Reader's Favorite

  • "This was a very captivating book. None of the characters are the normal stereotypes and are more human with regular flaws." Jenny - Goodreads

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Destiny of the Queen book

Nightmares of the Queen - Book 2 of The Brajj

Deceived. Betrayed. Trapped. The shocking adventure continues.

  • "...a compelling plot with twists and turns that will keep readers glued to the book ... a mesmerizing tale of adventure,deceit, love, and emotional upheavals." -Mamta Madhaven, Readers' Favorite

  • "Lots of action and power struggles and some romance as well. The first book was really good but this one might be better!" -Veronica Smith, Author of Salvation

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Captain Lewis' Broken Dreams book

Destiny of the Queen-Book 3 of The Brajj

  • "Satisfying and fast-paced finish to the epic story!" Smashed-Rat-on_Press
  • "Whatever I read next, you're going to have to pack a serious punch to stand up to this series!" Bibliophile Ramblings
  • "This book was the perfect conclusion to the story. Jacqueline Patricks did not disappoint!" The Unrated Bookshelf
  • "I loved this finale! Highly recommended!" Port Jericho Blog
  • "Due to the quality of the story ... I was able to fall back without a refresher." Rose
  • "Amazing, entrancing and gripping with a captivating plot and intriguing prose. A strong conclusion to a really good trilogy. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone." Booklove Blog

The Stunning Conclusion to The Brajj Trilogy!

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